My mission is to inspire you to clear the physical and mental clutter around food so you can feel your best, create space for what you truly care about, and live your best life. Since founding Loveleaf Co., I’ve helped thousands of women eat healthier through simple, curated plans and strategies. 


M.S. Communications, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


I work with women who feel overwhelmed with their health and want to feel better. Because I used to struggle with that too.

For years, I thought I was super healthy. I trained for marathons, drank the protein drinks, and counted my calories. But over time, it was clear I was wrong. I lost my period, was diagnosed with a thyroid disease, and just didn't feel like myself. To try to get better, I tried every diet out there (always “starting on a Monday” of course) until I spiraled into total overwhelm.

Reclaiming my health came down to saying "I'm done" with all the diets and drastically simplifying my relationship with food, both physically and mentally. And now I’m sharing that process with you. I will help you declutter your health, step by step, so you can feel and look your best (for good). Learn how here.

Most days you can find me eating my way through Portland, Maine (the little city I call home!), cooking and photographing food (obvi), taking walks with my husband (…or a really good podcast), obsessing about simplifying, writing to-do lists, or reading books about how to write better to-do lists. And then there’s (organic) red wine and dark chocolate. Always and forever. ❤️ 

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