Easy Thanksgiving Side Salads

Pumpkin pie, wine, stuffing, mashed potatoes… it's the best holiday of the year, imo. But every Thanksgiving table needs some veggies (because more veggies = more pie later). These easy Thanksgiving side salads are super simple to make - much of the "work" can be done ahead of time, so that when your guests arrive, you can spend more energy on the things that really matter. Like not burning the turkey. Or enjoying that hard-earned wine ;).


Think of this salad as a mini reset in between all the holiday treats. The best part? It’s delicious and festive enough to serve to guests. Plus, you can make it ahead of time and it will stay fresh in the fridge for a couple days, which is always a #win in my book.


Though we all (really) love greens, a salad without them can be a refreshing change. This gluten-free wild rice salad has everything you want in a fall dish: roasted squash, pecans, and pomegranates, all tied together by a dreamy grass-fed brown butter vinaigrette.


A different kind of pumpkin spice. This is a simple, delicious winter salad with a spicy kick from the pumpkin seed chili dressing.


If you’ve been looking for lighter Thanksgiving sides, look no further. This salad is the perfect holiday dish because it’s healthy, bursting with flavor, make-ahead friendly, and – the best part – super easy to make; roast everything on one pan and you're good to go.

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