Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

The Loveleaf Co. Healthy Holiday Gift Guide | Healthy gifts for all the wellness-lovers in your life! This holiday gift guide includes healthy gifts under $50, healthy stocking stuffers, and health and fitness gifts for the seriously obsessed. | #healthyholiday #christmas #giftguide #gifts #wellness #healthy #gift #christmasgift

The Loveleaf Co. healthy holiday gift guide! All items that I can personally and whole-heartedly recommend to any wellness lover in your life. I’m really into giving things that are actually useful, so here are my top healthy gift ideas. I’ve divided the list into three sections (all for the wellness obsessed): Gifts Under $50, Stocking Stuffers (also very affordable), and Gifts for VIPs (which may include yourself ✌🏼). Enjoy!

The Loveleaf Co. Healthy Holiday Gift Guide | Healthy gifts for all the wellness-lovers in your life! This holiday gift guide includes healthy gifts under $50, healthy stocking stuffers, and health and fitness gifts for the seriously obsessed. | #healthyholiday #christmas #giftguide #gifts #wellness #healthy #gift #christmasgift

Healthy Gifts Under $50 for the Wellness Lover

GUA SHA TOOL / I’m a pretty low-maintenance girl when it comes to beauty, but I’m religious about using this tool for a good morning and evening facial massage. Just pair the gift with a simple oil and share this tutorial.

QUIP TOOTHBRUSH / Probably the only toothbrush that actually makes a cool gift. Travel-ready and ensures that you get your full two minutes of brushing in.

MAKE SHIT HAPPEN 2019 PLANNER / This was given to me as a gift from a friend and I’m excited for 2019 just to use it. Beautifully designed, practical, and inspiring.

THE LOVELEAF CO. WINTER CLEANSE / A 14-day seasonal detox meal plan, designed to cut through the chatter and clutter around food, so you can feel light and clear, both mentally and physically. Full of easy recipes and weekly meal plans. All 100% gluten-free, dairy-optional, veggie-focused, and delicious.

SILK PILLOWCASE / Give some (functional) glam. These silk pillowcases are better for your hair and skin than cotton pillowcases. And they look pretty too.

HYDRO FLASK WATER BOTTLE / You know how serious I am about my water. Give the gift of hydration! This is my FAVORITE water bottle (and I think I’ve tried them all).

NECTAR & GREEN ALMOND MILK / Almond milk that’s actually almond milk. Pure, clean ingredients with no gums or fillers. One of my favorite local New England brands. Their sample pack would be a great gift.

DRY BRUSH / An easy way to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and clear the skin. A simple, inexpensive gift that’s light for those of you traveling.

ROSE GLASSES / The prettiest glasses (that are only $1.99)! I got these at Ikea and they’re one of my favorite kitchen items. Makes drinking water more fun.

DINING IN COOKBOOK / For the busy foodie. I only recommend cookbooks that I could actually cook from (you know, on weeknights). Good, easy recipes for #reallife and simple entertaining.

GLASSLOCK CONTAINERS / Leftovers just look more appealing in these containers. Period. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES / For the computer geek (…or anyone on screens most of the day 🙋🏼). Eases eye-strain and are good to wear at night so that blue light exposure doesn’t disrupt your sleep cycle.

OIL DIFFUSER / TBH the whole essential oil craze confuses me, but I do like nice scents. This simple diffuser is perfect for the desk of someone who is intrigued by oils but not ready for one of those more intense ones.

CITRUS JUICER / An (oddly) life-changing kitchen tool. I use it to squeeze a whole lemon into my Hydro Flask every morning. Perfect for anyone into this morning ritual too.

WALNUT SPATULA / A beautiful spatula made by my friend Monika of Boreal Design Co. I gave her pieces as gifts last year and everyone LOVES them. Check out her other work here.

5-MINUTE JOURNAL / For friends who (say they) hate journaling. This journal makes it easy to set intentions and document reflections each day in 5 minutes or less.

MEDITATION SUBSCRIPTION / Meditation made easy. Great for beginners because it’s guided, meaning you don’t have to sit and wonder if you’re doing it right.

CUTTING BOARD / The only cutting board I’ve ever liked. So easy to clean, never slips, and is dishwasher safe. A practical gift for the cook in your life.

Stocking Stuffers for the Wellness Lover

TULSI SLEEP TEA / An adaptogenic tea for great sleep. I’m obsessed with the rose flavor.

SEED + MILL TAHINI / I keep this tahini on hand at all times. The best tasting and run by badass women.

ROSEHIP SEED OIL / I’m into simple skincare and love to use this on my face. Give with the gua sha tool for a little facial package.

MUSHROOM COFFEE / For the coffee lover. Good instant coffee with beneficial mushrooms for travel emergencies.

ORGANIC MATCHA / Full of antioxidants, for the matcha latte obsessed.

NATURAL DRY SHAMPOO / A life-saver for anyone who loves to workout (but doesn’t love to wash their hair everyday). No weird ingredients and actually works.

FOURTH & HEART GHEE / Butter with all the benefits. Grass-fed and suitable for even the dairy-sensitive. And tastes AMAZING.

WILD ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL / Pair this gift with the simple oil diffuser. Wild orange is energizing, perfect for someone who needs something extra at the office.

TAZA ORGANIC DARK CHOCOLATE / Dark chocolate forever. From one of my favorite local New England brands. Organic and actually good for you.

COLLAGEN PEPTIDES / For the smoothie lover. I add this to smoothies every morning. Great for hair, skin, and nails.

CHLOROPHYLL DROPS / For the seriously green. I add a few drops of this to my Hydro Flask when I need an extra cleansing boost in the morning.

HARISSA PASTE / My go-to harissa paste for the foodie in your life. Good on roasted vegetables, chicken, or made into a dressing.

MASON JAR LIDS / For the practical. These leakproof lids are game-changers. I store everything from smoothies to leftovers in mason jars with these lids.

METAL STRAWS / Makes drinking water more fun (seriously).

NATURAL CALM MAGNESIUM / I’m religious about this stuff and recommend it to anyone I meet. About 90% of Americans are magnesium deficient. This miracle mineral helps with stress, sleep, sugar regulation, and digestion.

Healthy Gifts for Wellness Loving VIPs

GARMIN WATCH / This is the best watch I’ve ever owned. For the active person in your life who is overwhelmed by technology; this watch does everything you want it to do without being complicated.

INSTANT POT / I’m not really into kitchen gadgets, but this one is the best gift I’ve ever received so I’m passing it on. Make easy, set-it-and-forget-it meals in minutes (along with a million other things I haven’t done yet).

PLUSHBEDS ORGANIC MATTRESS / This might be a weird gift, but maybe give it to yourself. You spend one third of your life in bed - a thought that made me obsessed with finding a non-toxic, organic mattress. To say that I love this one is an understatement (should I write a post on this?). In the meantime, email me with questions.

VITAMIX BLENDER / A household requirement for all smoothie and soup lovers. Yes, it’s expensive, but it will last YEARS. And anything that I use multiple times a day is worth it in my book.

PELOTON SPIN BIKE / This is the best gift my husband and I have ever given ourselves (besides this mattress). For those of you in cold climates especially, this is a game-changer. The most efficient and fun workout I’ve ever done. Give one to your significant other (which really means: yourself). Just make sure you like to spin first ;).

DRY FARM WINES / You know how I feel about wine (I love it). Wine can totally be part of a healthy lifestyle, but get the good, organic stuff. These wines are all natural, free of any chemicals or additives, and sustainably grown. Cheers!

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