6 Simple Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Six tried-and-true healthy holiday eating tips. Because we all need a little reminder when the wine is flowing and the cookies are baking.

 6 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips | Loveleaf Co.

Meal Prep

Meal prep is the not-so-secret weapon for healthy eating any time of the year. It's why I started Loveleaf in the first place. By meal prepping, you'll have healthy options in the fridge before the week even begins, which sets you up for success before craziness ensues (Wine! Cookies! Chocolate!). When your schedule gets out of whack, it will be no big deal; your prepped healthy meals will be waiting for you. Eat your prepped meals for lunch so that you get your healthy eating in early. That way, you can feel ok about indulging a little later in the day at holiday parties or drinks with friends.

Have a Game Plan

Being spontaneous is fun, but rarely successful from an eating perspective. Here's some advice: try to have a strategy about what you’re going to eat and drink at holiday parties. “Winging it” isn’t a great option for most people because it can lead to overeating and then feeling guilty about it (and nobody has time for that). Instead of rules, come up with simple intentions. Just thinking about what you actually want to eat beforehand can help a lot. What food is worth it to you? What are you excited to eat or drink? And what can you do without? Choose to eat the food you genuinely enjoy instead of eating all the things just because they're there.

6 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips | Loveleaf Co.

Focus on the Healthy

Another simple strategy is to focus on the healthy stuff. There will usually be at least one healthy option at events; some veggies, a bowl of nuts, cheese cubes. The less processed the food, the better. Stay hydrated and drink at least one full glass of water before alcoholic drinks. And then get right back into your regular routine the next day (...and since you’ve got your healthy food prepped, jumping back into your normal eating routine should be easy ;))

Want to bring your own healthy-ish holiday treats to the party? Try these (no-bake!) peppermint brownie bars.


Get in some movement early if you can. Then, you won’t feel bad if something comes up later in the day. My philosophy? When you have the opportunity to move, take it. You don’t need to go crazy with an intense workout every day. Get creative. Yoga counts. Long walks with the family count. Walk to work. It all adds up.


Healthy eating is just easier if you’re not tired. It's as simple as that. A little before-bed meditation can help.

 6 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips | Loveleaf Co.

Don't Stress

Easier said than done, but remember: #balance.You don’t have to be perfect. It’s ok to indulge a little. Just be mindful about it.

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