Simply Inspired: an Interview with Ali of Inspiralized

There are some blogs that have always been my "go-tos" when it comes to healthy recipes. Inspiralized is one of them. Ali Maffucci, the mastermind behind the site, creates delicious, nutritious spiralized versions of everything you can imagine (and I mean everything: spiralized donuts anyone?).

Her enthusiasm and passion for nourishing spiralized food comes through in everything she does and I’d knew she’d have inspiring words to share with the Loveleaf community. Radiating from the inside out, Ali makes healthy eating, fitness, and kick-ass #girlboss-ing relatable and accessible. And if you don't have her latest cookbook, you should probably go get it now. It's amazing. 

Ali Maffucci founder of  Inspiralized  | Loveleaf Co.

Ali Maffucci founded Inspiralized, a culinary brand dedicated to cooking with the spiralizer, the kitchen tool that turns veggies and fruits into noodles. She has a daily recipe blog, two cookbooks, and a proprietary, branded spiralizer called the Inspiralizer. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest

What's your story?

You can read the full story here, but to make a long story short: my mother discovered zucchini noodles at a restaurant in Florida, bought a spiralizer, and she eventually introduced veggie noodles to me. Afterward, I looked online and there weren't any resources or recipes for the spiralizer, so I started to experiment myself. I was having so much fun, was feeling great, and felt so creatively stimulated. I decided that I wanted to be the one to build a community around this, so I quit my corporate job one day and the next day, I started Inspiralized, from scratch. It was exhilarating, and I haven't looked back!

Describe a typical day.

That's the great part about what I do - there is no "typical day." However, if I'm strictly doing cooking and blog work, it's usually this:

  • Wake up, make coffee and breakfast for me and my husband.
  • Respond to e-mails, respond to social media and blog comments.
  • Cook at least three blog recipes and photograph them, all while Snapchatting, Instagramming, etc
  • Edit the photos and build the blog posts.
  • Finish up with emails and social media posts.
  • Workout. I love running, spinning, and HIIT training.
  • Make dinner.
  • Spend time with my husband, reading, watching a movie, etc (I try to sign off!).
  • Go to bed by11pm (on a good night!).

What's something you do every day to feel amazing?

Drink lots of water and get a workout in.

What's your biggest tip for self-care?

Take at least 30 minutes a day to get outside and walk around or sit by yourself, without your phone, just listening to the world around you and thinking. It's my form of meditation.

Favorite quote or mantra?

There's a solution to every problem.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

I look within! I personally don't look at others for inspiration because then you get into that vicious comparative cycle. I like looking at the work I've done and focusing on how I can keep pushing. I also love looking at brands outside of my industry. That helps me not compare, but just admire and be inspired.

What is one piece of advice you can give to people looking for balance?

Figure out what you can give someone else to do and delegate. You can do it all yourself - but it's going to drive you crazy! Isn't that balance worth giving some of your profit and control to someone who can make your day-to-day better? Once your day to day improves, so will your productivity!

What do you do to simplify your life and live more intentionally?

Focus on the friendships and relationships in my life - that's what's most important to me, so when I'm scrambling, I just step back and focus on being a good friend, daughter, and wife.

Advice for times of stress?

Exercising is the best stress reliever! Especially high-intensity workouts!

Food you can't live without?

Avocado, for sure.

Money or time-saving tips when buying or making healthy, real food?

Spiralize on a Sunday and have noodles ready for quick, easy meals.

Favorite spiralized salad?

This Italian Zucchini Pasta Salad.

Any simple tips or advice for making salads?

Make a dressing from scratch! It makes such a difference.

Advice for eating healthfully in general?

Don't get caught up in one of those fad diets. Diets aren't one size fits all - we are all so biologically different, one diet doesn't work for everyone. Just do your best to feel your best.

Want more spiralized recipes? Here's a few to get you started:

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Or head over to my Pinterest board, Spiralized Salads, for some serious spiralized inspo!

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