Simply Inspired: an Interview with Kailey Seabrooke

When I lived in Whistler, BC this past winter, I took several workshops with Kailey Seabrooke, a holistic nutritionist. Her energy and passion for real, nourishing food is infectious and I’d knew she’d have inspiring words to share with the Loveleaf community. Glowing from the inside out, Kailey walks the talk, in a totally approachable way. Not to mention she is the queen of healthy desserts (her latest creation? Vegan and gluten free jelly donuts!). 


Kailey Seabrooke is a holistic nutritionist that hosts interactive workshops, nutrition consults, and public and private yoga classes to empower people to make sustainable shifts in their perspectives and their lives. Having never eaten a vegetable or been on a plane, Kailey embarked on a five-year backpacking adventure, traveling to more than 20 countries, that radically changed her diet and her life. Upon her return, she became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in Vancouver and currently resides in Whistler, BC (and the world!). Follow her adventures via Instagram.

Describe a typical day. What is something you do everyday to feel amazing?

  • Night before: Pencil in non-negotiables such as work, meetings and yoga! I wake up feeling so much better if I have some idea of a physical activity I plan to do.

  • Glass of warm water with lemon juice and 2 - 20 minutes of meditation.

  • Small piece of fruit 15 minutes before exercise.

  • Yoga or run.

  • Recovery snack like fruit with nuts and seeds, energy balls or a smoothie to sustain my body until breakfast. I LOVE breakfast.

  • Breakfast: some variation of a bowl meal with steamed veggies, lots of greens and a poached egg.

  • End of day: Essential oils in my diffuser next to my bed while I look over my planner, a cup of tea, an interesting book, my phone on airplane mode and the lights dimmed till snooze time.


What's your biggest tip for self-care?

My biggest tip for self-care is to learn to be with yourself and I mean REALLY be with yourself. Learning to be with yourself through the good and the bad, the joyful and the incredibly uncomfortable is totally worth it for the peace and clarity it brings.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Nature and the kindness of people.

What's one piece of advice you can give to people looking for balance (i.e. all of us)?

I think to find that perfect balance for you, you need to declare your non-negotiables. What are your own personal guidelines and why? Are they serving your highest good or helping you get to where you want to go? If they are, then stick to them and take it easy in between. If they aren't then re-negotiate.


What do you do to simplify your life and live more intentionally?

Anytime I find myself feeling annoyed, unhappy or run down I take a step back from whatever it is that I am doing and I ask myself this: Is what I am doing helping me get to where I want to go? If something that isn't making me feel good and isn't serving me then it's gotta go!

Advice for times of stress?

Breathe. Deeply. With purpose.

Food you can't live without?

At a time it would have been chocolate but now I've got to say greens! Peppery arugula, steamed asparagus, fresh romaine, they're all just so darn good!

Money or time-saving tips when buying or making healthy, real food?

Buy items that you can use creatively in multiple meals and cook individual items ahead of time. Everything can be prepped and kept in separate containers and thrown together to make a quick meal.

What's your favorite salad?

For a salad inspired by Kailey, check out this kale and cabbage slaw with creamy nutritional yeast dressing.

Any simple tips or advice for making healthy meals?

  • Start with ingredients that you know you already love!

  • Set yourself up for success by having basic ingredients on hand.

  • Prep!

Tips for eating healthfully in general?

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain 
Don't worry so much about eliminating bad foods but concentrate more on adding in more healthy foods or eating habits.

Where can people find you?

On my website, Kailey Seabrooke, and on Instagram.

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