Basil Kombucha Mojitos

It's no secret that #balance is important. Like meal-prepping with music and glass of wine? I'm in my element. Chocolate truffles that are refined-sugar free? Yes, please (always). But it's not every day that we find this kind of balance all in one glass. These basil kombucha mojitos are one of my favorite healthy-ish cocktails. They're actually (kind of) good for you... so you can enjoy more than one (...or is that not how it works?). Either way, cheers!

Basil Kombucha Mojitos | Healthy Kombucha Cocktail | Paleo | Loveleaf Co.

Kombucha is a lightly effervescent fermented drink and all fermented foods contain probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria needed for digestion and proper nutrient absorption. Fresh lime juice is high in vitamin C, which is great for the skin, digestion and is anti-inflammatory. Most commercial mojitos use a ton of refined sugar; this basil kombucha mojitos are slightly sweetened from the kombucha and a pinch of stevia or honey if desired.

Basil Kombucha Mojitos


  • 4 fresh basil leaves

  • 2 limes, each cut into 4 wedges

  • 1-2 teaspoons honey or pinch of stevia, to taste if desired

  • 3 oz light rum

  • 6 oz ginger kombucha


  1. Get two glasses. To the bottom of each glass, add 4 lime wedges, 2 basil leaves, and a bit of honey or stevia (if desired).

  2. Muddle the lime, basil, and honey (or stevia) together.

  3. Fill half of each glass with crushed ice, then add 1.5 oz rum to each, a little more ice, and top each with 3 ounces of kombucha.

  4. Gently stir and enjoy.

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