Loveleaf Co.™ is a food and lifestyle brand that takes a minimalist approach to simplifying your kitchen & diet.

Created for those wanting to live a less stressful, more intentional life in the kitchen, Loveleaf Co. was built on the essential idea that cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be so complicated…or restrictive (organic red wine and dark chocolate forever ✌🏼).

With Loveleaf Co., my mission is to help you create a calming, clutter-free kitchen so you feel inspired to cook healthy meals. Since founding Loveleaf Co., I’ve helped thousands of women live healthier lives by providing simple decluttering strategies, super easy (healthy!) recipes, and curated meal plans.

Working with Ally brought me decreased stress. I now know the answer to the “what’s for dinner?” question that used to drive me crazy. Ally really goes the extra mile.
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Meet Ally

Hi! I’m Ally Milligan MS NTP, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and the founder of Loveleaf Co.™ based in Brooklyn, NY. I started Loveleaf because I know what it's like to feel totally overwhelmed by a cluttered kitchen and too busy to cook real, nourishing meals.

Reclaiming my sanity around food came down to drastically streamlining my kitchen and simplifying how I cook. And now I’m on a mission to help you do the same. Get started here.

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