Loveleaf Co.™ is a digital media and lifestyle brand that takes a minimalist approach to simplifying your kitchen & diet.

Created for those wanting to live a vibrant, more intentional life, Loveleaf Co. was built on the fundamental idea that being healthy doesn’t have to be so complicated…or restrictive (organic red wine and dark chocolate forever ✌🏼).

With Loveleaf Co., our mission is to inspire you to clear the clutter around what it means to be “healthy” - inside and out - so you can feel (really) good and create space for what you truly care about. Since founding Loveleaf Co., we’ve helped thousands of women live healthier lives by providing accessible nutrition and wellness content, curated meal plans, and simple strategies.



Hi! I’m Ally Milligan MS NTP, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the founder of Loveleaf Co.™, an online resource for simplifying your life in the kitchen, based in Brooklyn, NY. I started Loveleaf because I know what it's like to feel totally confused about what food is "healthy" and too busy to cook real, nourishing meals.

For years, I thought I was super healthy. I trained for marathons, drank the protein drinks, and counted my calories. But over time, it became clear I was wrong. I lost my period, was diagnosed with a thyroid disease, and just didn't feel like myself.

Reclaiming my health came down to saying "I'm done" with all the diets and drastically simplifying my relationship with food both physically and mentally. And now I’m on a mission to continue to help thousands of women do the same. Get started here.


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